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(Octreotide (Hospira), Sandostatin™)

Class: growth hormone inhibitor

Indication: acromegaly, gastro-entero pancreatic endocrine tumours, post pancreatic surgery, emergency treatment to stop bleeding oesophageal varices

Unlicensed indications: antisecretory in intestinal obstruction, secretory diarrhoea, high fistula output, variceal bleeds

Contraindications/cautions: diabetes

Adverse reactions:

Metabolism/clearance: metabolised by the liver



Syringe driver: see syringe driver compatibility table.

Mechanism of Action: blocks somatostatin receptors

Peak effect: 30 minutes

Duration: 12 hours


Full funding on Special Authority.

Cost: Approx $5.13 to $35.00 per normal release inj, $1,772 to $2,951 per LAR inj


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